The Rip Aid Tube

In Australia there are over 250 drownings a year. No one thinks they are going to drown, but it happens.

Going into the water? Wear your Rat! It’s good insurance.

The Rip Aid Tube:

  • Is a¬†inflatable buoyancy¬†aid housed in a pouch and worn around your body.
  • Can be activated in seconds!, while you are treading water.
  • Is ideal for beach and river swimmers. Especially good for surviving rips or undertow.
  • Is ideal for users of Kayaks, Surf Skis, SUP’s, Canoes etc.
  • Is ideal for rock fishermen.
  • It is not a P.F.D. (or Lifejacket) but it actually has more buoyancy than a boating life-jacket (rated for near shore, AS4758.1)
  • Is made with care, and each unit has been tested prior to sale.